I am able to login, but am not seeing my student listed

Zoe Sachs -

If you received an email notifying you that you have been asked to complete an online recommendation for a student, you can login at https://apply.embark.com/orecs/ with the credentials sent in the email. 

If you are able to login, but the student's name is not listed on the Home page, it is likely that you have multiple UserIDs with Embark. 

Some browsers will store previously entered account credentials, which will cause you to unintentionally login under the incorrect account.

Please ensure you delete any stored credentials and manually type in the UserID and Password sent in Embark's email.


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    This is totally anxiety producing and much more difficult than typing a letter of recommendation and

    mailing it to the Boston College Sch. of Social Work, which is how I will proceed.       I am not interested in registering, or giving you a password.  I believed I was arranging to have Embark use a second half of a form to complete my submission of a recommendation.           Barbara Burns,  momentmuseum, etc.

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