Every time I log in to begin a new application, I see the application I submitted from a previous year.

Zoe Sachs -

Some applications will only allow you to submit one application per email address. In order to begin a new application for the current year, you can create an application using a different email address.


Please note: We unfortunately cannot delete applications that have already been submitted.


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    David Zeitlyn

    But surely If we have to register from a different address you are forcing us to duplicate/re-enter all the our basic information. This is costly. I think it would be kinder to all your users if you can sort out a way of enabling more than one application per account (or to move information between accounts)

    yours sincerely


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    Weam Majedd Hussein

    I followed your instruction and changed my email , but the program told me " Your account already exists in our system. Please return to the login screen and try signing in. If you have forgotten your password, click on "Forget your password?" within the login screen, to have your password emailed to you " 

    I changed my email sverel times, but nothing changed .... I`ll change my name this time !!!!



    Weam Alkhafaji 

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