Why is the information cut off in a text field on my preview?

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Character Limit

There will be times when you may want to include more information than the application permits; however, each application is designed according to specifications requested by the school.  The admissions office sets and optimizes these data limits to facilitate data integrity and security.

Data Does Not Fit in the Textbox or Text Field

Some applications may include an "Additional Information" page where you can add any information you were not able to enter or complete on a previous application page.  If your application does not include such a page, please make your answers more concise and abbreviate where applicable.

  • For example, if you are asked to list all your Economics courses in college.  The title "Introduction to Macroeconomics" does not fit in the textbox, you can abbreviate to "Intro to Macroecon" instead.  See the examples below:

Change From:


Change To:


Fields That Require You to Limit Data Entry to Two Lines

Some text boxes on your application may limit your answer to two lines of text.  Do not press Enter or make a line break at the end of the first line.  Let the text wrap and drop down to the second line automatically.  Due to screen resolution variations, text box sizes and lines may not appear identical on different computers. 

  • We suggest that you preview your application to make sure all of the data you entered appears correctly.  If not, please make modifications accordingly.



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