How do I upload my documents?

Uploading Documents

  -  How to Upload a Document
  -  Uploading Documents with Special Characters or Formatting
  -  Manually Enter Text
  -  Valid File Formats
  -  Macintosh Word Processor Formats
  -  Converting Paper Documents into Electronic Files
  -  Reducing File Size of Scanned Documents
  -  Problems Uploading
  -  Security Settings on PDF’s

The online application system allows for documents to be uploaded in many formats (please see below for vaild file formats).  If you are converting paper documents into electronic files you will need to embed them into one of the listed file types.

Depending on the application, you can either upload your essay as a word processing document file OR type it in manually.

System requirements
-Windows NT and above, or
-OS 8.6 and above

Supported Browsers
-Internet Explorer 7.0 and above
-Firefox 2.0 and above
-Chrome 20 and above

Other requirements
-Adobe Reader 8.0 and above
Download here.

How to Upload a Document

NOTE: Not all online recommendation forms will allow users to upload additional documents. If you do not see the upload interface on the online forms, then you are not allowed to upload additional files to your form.

To upload your essay or document, please follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Browse button (the button may also read as "Choose File" depending on the specific recommendation), select the file you are uploading, and click on Open.  The file name should appear in the textbox to the left of the Browse button.

  • Click on the red Upload  button to start the upload process

  • Your document or essay will be sent to our document processing servers.  A screen with the message, ""We are currently processing your document. Thank you for your patience."" will appear.

  • To view your uploaded document, click on the Preview  button

Please make sure that your file name does not contain any special characters: accents, tildes, symbols, etc. (e.g., è, é, ñ, &, *, #).  Additionally, please refrain from using non-English characters or digital signatures in the body of your essay as this may cause conversion errors.  Please limit your files to a maximum of 2MB (2048 KB) in size.

Note: all uploaded documents have a 50 page limit.


Uploading Documents with Special Characters or Formatting

To upload documents that contain special characters or formatting, you must upload the document in a PDF format.  Uploading Word documents that contains text with special characters may be changed and distorted in the process.  It is suggested that users convert word documents into a PDF format 7 or lower to upload these documents properly.

This is highly recommended for Mac OS users who wish to upload any of their text documents.

To do so please follow these instructions:

  1. Within the word document, go to File -> Print

  2. Under the list of printers you have installed, select Acrobat Distiller or Adobe PDF, or another PDF converting tool. 

  3. Then press OK.

  4. You should then be prompted to save the file onto your computer.  This will be the name of the converted PDF.

If you do not have the suggested PDF converting tool, please click here for further information.


Manually Enter Text

NOTE: This option is not available on all forms.

To manually enter your essay or "Additional Information" click on the hyperlink "here" in the sentence immediately below the upload bar. 

This can be found at the bottom of the upload page of the online application.  You may also copy-and-paste from your word processing program into the manual entry field.  Please note, if you exceed the 40-minute time limit, your essay may not save properly.  You are encouraged to compose your essay in a Word document and then copy-and-paste it into the essay field or upload it using the first method above.


Valid File Formats

You can upload your essay in any of the following file formats:

  • PDF (accepts created PDF's in Acrobat 7 and earlier)
  • Doc and Docx (Microsoft Word Format)
  • Generic ASCII Text
  • Generic RTF
  • JPEG (.jpeg or .jpg)
  • GIF (.gif)
  • TIFF (.tiff or .tif)
  • Bitmap (.bmp)

Note:  It is highly suggested that PDF's (created in Acrobat 7 and earlier) are uploaded, preventing any compatibility issues.



Macintosh Word Processor Formats

Text files created on Macintosh software such as AppleWorks and Pages should be saved as an Acrobat 7 PDF version or lower.  Check the documentation on your software for specific instructions on how to save files under different formats.


Converting Paper Documents into Electronic Files

If you need to convert a paper document into an electronic file you will need a scanner.  When you scan your image we suggest saving the document in one of the accepted image formats listed above.  As stated above the file size CANNOT exceed 2MB (2048 KB).  Once you have scanned your image you can then attach it to your application using the Essay/Document Upload feature.


Reducing File Size of Scanned Documents

Refer to your scanner's software documentation for ways to reduce file size.
You may try the following:

  • Lower the resolution when initially scanning your document.  The lower the resolution, the smaller the file size.

  • Remove unnecessary colors to reduce file size.  Whenever possible, save the picture in black and white.

  • Reduce the height and the width of the image.

  • Save the image in a high compression picture format such as jpeg.  You can do this by choosing "Save As" and selecting the ".jpg" extension as the file type.

Many image editing programs can further reduce the overall size of your images.  Please refer to the documentation that came with your software for detailed instructions.


Problems Uploading

When you upload your essay, it gets sent to our document processing servers.  Typically, your essay should complete processing in less than a minute; however, during peak periods, you may experience prolonged processing times.  If your essay does not get converted within 5 minutes, the process will time out and you will be asked to upload the document again.  Consecutive timeouts could also be the result of an invalid file format.  Should you encounter consecutive timeouts please attempt a different file format.

Another alternative would be to simply cut and paste the text into the manual essay text entry area.  The manual text entry field can be located on the same upload page of the application form. 


For image upload errors create a blank Word document and insert the image onto that document.  Then save the Word file and upload onto the application form. 



Security Settings on PDFs

When uploading PDF’s such as transcripts, users may experience errors on the upload page of the online application.  The PDF document may contain security settings that prevent users from uploading these types of documents. 

To resolve this issue please follow these instructions:

  1. Print out the original document onto paper

  2. Use a scanner to scan the printed document onto your computer

  3. Save the scanned document under a valid file format

  4. Upload the document onto your Online Application

If you continue to experience problems, please submit a help desk ticket to our technical support team by "clicking here".

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