How can I upload/enter more than one essay or document?

Rod Vizcarra -

Uploading Multiple Documents

When uploading a document on the Essay Upload feature in your application form:

  • You can only upload one document file per upload page. To enter more than one document you must have these files combined into one single file.

    • In order to combine your documents into a single file, please do one of the following:
      • Copy and paste the text from the documents into one single document.
      • Take screenshots of the documents and paste them into a single document.
      • Use PDF merging software to merge the documents together.
  • There may also be an “Additional Information page” on the application form for extra documents that were not captured by the application.

  • If you have already uploaded a document, you will need to delete it by clicking the "Delete Essay" button. Then you can upload the new document.

Please Note: Schools may have special requirements and limitations for essays. Please read the application instructions carefully.

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