How do I revise my submitted recommendation forms?

Jim Summers -

Revision Requests

Once the recommender has submitted the online recommendation and the status is “Received,” any modifications must be approved by the University’s Admissions office, and you should contact them directly.

If the status of the recommendation is “Submitted,” the recommender can make a revision request to the Technical Support staff at Embark.

Click "Submit A Request" at the top of this page to make a request that your recommendation be unsubmitted.

Once you have asked that your recommendation be unsubmitted, you will be able to enter your online recommendation form and edit it as necessary.  Once you have finished editing the reference, please be sure to resubmit it, or else it will not be considered.

Note: Only Recommenders can make revision requests.  If you are a recommender, please submit this request from the email address with which your recommendation was registered.

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