How do I know if my recommendation form submission was successful? What is my recommendation status?

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How do I know if my submission was successful?

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  • Check the "Status" column next to the applicant's record. A status of "Submitted" or "Received" marks a successful submission.

Below is an explanation of the different statuses:

In Progress Status
Your recommendation has been started and is considered "In Progress" at all times until you have submitted the online recommendation and received confirmation
Submitted Status
Immediately after submitting, your recommendation will be set to submitted status. This means you have successfully completed the recommendation.
Received Status
After the school downloads your recommendation from our Embark, your recommendation will then be set to received status. Depending on the school, this process may take up to two weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: Some institutions will not send a confirmation email to a user upon successful submission. In these cases you can determine the status of your recommendation by checking the home page of the online recommendation website.

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