Why do I have more than one recommender account? Can I combine them?

Multiple Recommendation Accounts

Each recommender account must have a unique email address. Recommenders should not use shared email addresses and/or accounts with other recommenders.

If a recommender is registered with multiple contact emails they subsequently have multiple accounts with different user names and passwords.   (This also applies to different versions of the same email, such as ref@school.edu and ref@mail.school.edu)

To prevent multiple accounts, the recommender should give all applicants the same contact email address.  This would allow the recommender to use the same login information to complete the recommendation form for all applicants.

Please also note that browsers have an auto fill functionality that will enter your login information automatically from previous logins.  Please keep note of all multiple login information, as the auto fill feature may not accurately enter the correct user ID or password.

Merging Multiple Accounts:

If you already have multiple accounts existing, you may consolidate these accounts into one, eliminating the need for multiple login IDs and passwords.

Follow the steps below to merge recommender accounts.

  1. Go to, https://apply.embark.com/orecs/ and click on the "Merge Accounts" button under the Login fields, next to the "Change Password" button.
  2. In the first two fields, under "Account you wish to keep", enter the information for the account you wish to continue using.
  3. Next, under the "Account you wish to merge", enter the information for the account you wish to have combined.
  4. Finally, click on the "Merge" button.



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