Why is my credit card being denied? Why does it say that my card cannot be verified?

Rod Vizcarra -

Credit Card Error

If you are receiving an error indicating that your credit card cannot be verified, please try the following:

  • Make sure you have entered your credit card information correctly - it should be only numbers; no dashes or spaces.

  • Verify the address you have entered matches the billing address on your credit card account (the verification system uses your billing address to verify your information).

  • Confirm that there are verifiable funds in the account.

If you continue to receive errors, try using a different credit card or please contact your financial institution. Often a bank or a credit card company will impose restrictions on internet transactions and/or the card will be set up to automatically deny any out-of-the-ordinary transactions.  Call your financial institution to make sure these restrictions are removed.


Note: Credit card payments are not processed until the application is submitted.

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