How do I pay the application fee? Is there an application fee?

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Application Fee

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Credit Cards

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Application Fee

Each institution has its own set of policies and requirements regarding the application fee and Payment options. Payment methods may include:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Check 
  3. Money Order
  4. Fee Waiver

Payment Details

To view payment details, click on the "Payment" tab located on the left navigation menu. This information is also provided on the top right of every page, next to the School/University logo.  The application payment may be submitted at any time before the application date.

Note: Credit Card payments will not be charged until the application has been submitted.

Applicant with No Credit Card Option

If an applicant does not have access to a Credit Card or the payment-type required for the Online Application, they will need to arrange an alternate method of payment with the admissions office.  Alternate methods of payment may include: Check and Money Order.

Note: Embark is a service provider and we are not authorized to alter fees or process fee waivers without written permission from the University.

Credit Cards

Invalid Credit Card

If an applicant receives an error message after entering the credit card information in the payment section, try the following procedures:

  • Make sure to enter the credit card information correctly - it should be only numbers; no dashes or spaces.
  • Verify the address entered matches the billing address on the credit card account (the verification system uses you’re billing address to verify your information).
  • Confirm that there are verifiable funds in the account.

If errors continue to appear, please contact the financial institution of the credit card. Often a bank or a credit card company will impose restrictions on internet transactions and/or the card will be set up to automatically deny out-of-the-ordinary transactions. Call the financial institution to make sure these restrictions are removed.

If errors are persistent, try using a different credit card. 

Time-Out Error during Credit Card Payment

If the user encounters a timeout error message after submitting the credit card information and does not know if the payment has processed, please try the following procedures:

  1. Submit the application.
  2. Log out and log back in to view the submitted application.
  3. If you see "This application has been submitted" text located at the top right hand corner, the payment was successfully processed.


  • These steps are for users who are ready to submit their application.
  • You may also hit the "Submit Application" tab in the left navigation menu. If the payment confirmation screen appears, the payment and application has been submitted and processed.

Fee Waiver

A fee waiver is a conditional substitute for the application fee, which can only be granted by the University. Please contact the University Admissions office for further instructions in obtaining a fee waiver.


After successfully submitting the online application, a confirmation page is displayed. Please print this page for your records. This page acts as a receipt and confirmation for both the application and payment submission.

You may access the confirmation page at any time after you submit. Please follow instructions below:

  1. Log into your application
  2. Click the "Submit Confirmation" tab, located on the left navigation menu. If the application has been successfully submitted, the confirmation page appears.

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