Why hasn't my recommender gotten their registration email?

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Email Notification Issues

Occasionally recommenders will fail to receive the automated emails with their login information. This is usually due to their email security settings and spam filters. The recommender will want to check their Spam folder.


If the email is not in the spam folder, please ask recommenders to add noreply@embark.com to their email safe list or address book.

Once the noreply@embark.com is added, resend the email notification through the recommendation section of the online application. 

If the recommender still has not received the email notification, please contact Embark’s Technical Support staff.


Email Notification Tips

Certain International Email addresses may have difficulty in receiving the automated email notification sent to recommenders because of security settings set by in their email accounts.

University or college sponsored email addresses may have security settings that must be changed to allow notification emails to filter into their inbox. Users should contact the network administrators to change the email settings to accept noreply@embark.com messages.

To prevent these emailing issues we recommend using personal email accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail that ensure user control of email settings and the reception of notification emails from the embark.com system.

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