How do I fill in my electronic signature? How do I complete my signature form?

Signing Your Application

Your signature, for most applications, is the final step before submitting.  It indicates that all of the information you have provided in your application is your own work, and is complete and accurate, to the best of your knowledge.


Signature Form

If your application requires a printed Signature Form, it can be accessed at any point before and after submission by logging in and clicking the "Supplemental Forms" section in the navigation sidebar.  Clicking the link for the signature form will open a PDF document containing form, ready to print.  To return to the application once you have printed the form, click the back button on your browser.  You will also find instructions here for mailing your Signature Form to the institution.


Electronic Signature

The Electronic Signature eliminates paper use and expedites the overall application process.To submit an electronic signature,simply type your name into the "Enter Electronic Signature" text field and click "Confirm Signature."  For some applications, you must also enter the date.  It will appear similar to the example below:


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