I can't submit because the application is asking me to review my essays. What is wrong?

Rod Vizcarra -

Application Inspector flagging Essay portion

Some of our online application forms require the user to review all of the uploaded materials before submission, such as Essays and additional information pages.

Note:  If you update your preliminary questions, new application pages will be displayed for you to fill out.  In order to avoid errors, please make sure that you delete any essays you uploaded BEFORE you update the answers to the preliminary questions.

For example:

  • When you start the application process you select your program from the preliminary questions and proceed to fill out the information and upload your personal statement.  Later, you decide to change your focus and apply for a different program.

  • Before you update your program choice, you must delete the personal statement as your new program may have different essay/document requirements.  If you update your program choice without deleting your documents, then you may not be able to submit your application.  In this instance you can always return to your previous program choice to view and delete the unnecessary documents.

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