How can I check the status of my application?

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Status of Your Application

The status of your application is displayed in the online application header at the top right corner, along with deadline and fee information. There are two status types for the online application.

  1. "This Application has NOT been submitted"

  2. "This Application has been submitted"

After you have submitted your application, a confirmation screen will appear with the time the application was submitted. Please verify that the status at the top right hand corner has changed from "This Application has NOT been submitted" to "This Application has been submitted."


Status of Submitted Applications

To find the status of your submitted application (i.e., where it is in the application review process), you must contact the University's Admissions office directly.

Note: Some universities and organizations use a "Track Status" system on their online application.  This allows you to check your submitted application's status by logging in to your application and selecting "Track Status."


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