I am seeing the message "Please answer the preliminary questions differently"

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Error in Accessing The Application

When attempting to re-access or start an application, applicants may come across an error message that will prevent access onto the form.

Some applications offer a Multiple-Application feature where you may submit more than one application to the same institution within the same account. Applicants are allowed to submit ONLY one application per program. You will be prompted with an error message if attempting to begin another application under the same program. Applicants commonly face this problem if they accidentally start an additional application form.

To get passed the preliminary questions, please select a different program than your original application. Once you proceed to the application form, you will see a SHOW button at the top right, please click this button.

This will allow you to toggle back to your original application.


Deleting Your Application

  • If you need to delete the extra application, please submit a request and tell us which application you would like to delete.

  • NOTE: We can only delete "In Progress" applications that have no recommendations.

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